Plastic Card Systems - PRO - SERIES - Professional Personalisation System
Professional personalisation system
Embosser 1000/Embosser 2000
Available options Infill device in front version (font OCR B1) or in rear (font OCR A1 or MasterCard). Auxiliary printer port. Chip contact initializing. Floor stand unit for Pro-Series.
Built-in tipper unit Off-line tipping possibility (11 lines). Ribbon saving feature.
Communication interface
Serial RS232 port.
Dimensions and weight 860 x 480 x 350 mm x 62 kg. (34"x19"x13,75"x138 lbs)
Drum capacity 105 characters, embossing and/or infill.
Electrical requirements 117 V / 60 Hz - 220 V / 50 Hz.
Input hopper capacity 200 cards. Pre-embossed card automatic feed feature.
Magnetic stripe encoding 3 Tracks ISO 7811, LoCo-MeCo/HiCo.
Output hopper capacity 200 embossed cards. Reject hopper.
Performance Approx. 500 CPH. Multi Parallel Processing System: 3 cards simultaneously processed.
Software Windows based application software. Firmware: self diagnostic, selectable automatic repeat card, pre-embossed card reading with full post processing of the same card, resettable and non resettable counters. System status and diagnostic messages reported on PC. Oprional LinkWare application for in-line operation with other Pro-Series modules.

The Embosser 1000 is the ideal solution for a variety of personalisation needs – it combines desktop dimensions with heavy duty performance.
500 CPH.
Equipped with the MSP system (Multi Smart Processing) allowing 3 cards to be processed simultaneously.
FIFO (first in – first out) input hopper with a 200 card capacity.
Available with special characters to meet the requirements of VISA and MasterCard for personalisation of international credit cards.

Available Configurations:
Input hoper basic (without encoding head)
Input hoper ISO 300/4000 OE, selectable via keyboard
Input hoper ISO 300/2750 OE, selectable via keyboard
Chip initialising module
Mobile infill kit
Floor standing cabinet
SDK Software Development Kit
MultiCard LinkWare application KITE1I15 - Link Embosser 1000 + Inserter 1500 / 2000

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