Metal Plate Systems - Manual Embosser
Manual Embosser Metal 10
Available Fonts
Embossing: Simplex 2, Block, Block USA, OCR B1.
Debossing: Dog-Tag
Embossing area
Up to 63 mm from the top edge of the plate leaving free 4 mm from the bottom. Measurements are defined according to the base of the character
Phisical dimensions

382mm x 412mm x 312mm; 20kg.

Plate Dimensions
Width: min 30 mm – max 115 mm
Height: min 20 mm – max 90 mm
Thickness: from 0.4 to 0.9 mm

60 character capacity drum with numbers and punctuation marks
Automatic interspacing and free format on whole plate
Correction device
Manually operated

Available Configurations
 Custom kit Dog-Tag (negative embossing, characters no. 50, height 3 mm)
 Custom kit Simplex2 (embossing, characters no. 50, height 3 mm)
 Custom kit OCRB1 (embossing, characters no. 50, height 3 mm)
 Custom kit Blocco USA (embossing, characters no. 50, height 4 mm)
 Custom kit Blocco 5 (embossing, characters no. 50, height 5 mm)

* Basic equipment: with drum 60 characters and single spacind rack