Metal Plate Systems - Automatic Feed Embossing Systems
Automatic Feed Automatic Embossing Systems

Metal Embosser 2000

Available options: Drum capacity and special characters. Output hopper: side eject or FIFO elevator (First In - First Out).
Character fonts: Embossing or indenting: Simplex1, Simplex3, OCRB1,Block, Block USA, Double Block, Double Long Block, Maxi Block; negative embossing (Elite Dog Tag).
Interface: Serial RS232 port.
Protocols: CIM, Xon-Xoff and Multiembosser.
Electrical requirements: 117 V / 60Hz - 230 V / 50 Hz
Feeding System Embossing Area: Up to 65 mm from the top edge of the plate leaving free 4 mm from the bottom. Measurements are defined according to the base of the character.

Input hopper capacity: 250 plates (0,4 mm) variable dimensions.

Output hopper capacity: side eject or FIFO elevator (250 plates).

Plates dimensions:
                                 Width: min 30 mm - max 115 mm
                                 Height: min 21 mm - max 90 mm
                                 Thickness 0.4 ÷ 0.9 mm
Processing: Drum 60/90 characters and 45 for special applications.
Standard Fonts: Simplex2: embossing or indenting.
Memory and Data Data format: 50 fields of 42 characters each (Name, Fixed data, Counters, etc.)
LCD storable formats: 10 with formatted downloading.
Software/Firmware: SWORD PC application proprietary software. Automatic date field; plate archive; DBIII, DBIV, Excel, MS Access file compatibility. Self diagnostic, automatic repetition of faulty plate personalisation, clearable and non-clearable counters, set-up procedures (via external keyboard).
Miscellaneous: 2-line by 40 character LCD display for diagnostic visualisation. Lithium back-up battery (warning of low battery level on LCD). Security operation with key lock. Emergency stop RED button. Machine state indicator lamps. LCD Edit (via external keyboard).
Operating temperature: 5C ÷ 40C/41F ÷104F
Performance: 1 plate in 18 seconds (55 characters).
Physical Dimensions(WxDxH): 630x740x380 mm
Power consumption: 500 watt
Relative humidity: 30% - 90% non condensing
Weight: 78 Kg

Cost Effective Alternative to Stamping & Dies
25 % higher production speed than that of previous models
Easy manual or automatic loading and unloading. New innovative 'single point access' manual feed solution
Near end input / near full output hopper plate sensors for continuous production
Latest generation electronics with FLASH memory technology (accessible via external service port)
A unique, variable plate size loading system with optional FIFO logic elevator stacker or side eject.
A large selection of fonts are available for embossing, debossing, or indenting
Off-line data input option (via external keyboard)
Equipped with a universal clamp for plates of most shapes and dimensions
A variety of metals can be worked on including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and brass

Available Configurations:
 60 Characters drum
 90 Characters drum
 45 Characters drum Double Blocco (DB/DBL)
 45 Characters drum Maxi Blocco (MB)
 Reinforced embossing jaws / motor
 Reinforced embossing jaws / motor for Double Blocco and D.B. Lungo characters (DB/DBL)
 Reinforced embossing jaws / motor for Maxi Blocco characters (MB)
Elevator output stacker
Side eject output
Kit SDK Metal - Software Development Kit.